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Savannah Kayak Tour

Savannah Kayak Tour

Aquadawg Savannah offer Savannah Kayak Tour on Moon River and Skidway narrow  The one stop shop for kayak tours and kayak adventures.  We provide free instruction and training, therefore, just show up ready to have a fun experience and we will take care of the rest. Paddling effort is always required so keep this in mind.  Aquadawg Savannah  is “Only minutes from River Street or the Historic District in downtown Savannah, Georgia.  Safety first, fun always, so come join us for a great time on the water.

This location is on a beautiful barrier island. The two main waterways that we explore are Moon River and Skidaway River.

Tucked along the Savannah waterway, this is one of the 14 barriers Island on the Atlantic ocean, off the coast of Georgia. We paddle through one of the major estuaries that buffer the Georgia coast from storms.  There is a staggering diversity of plants and animals life.  Combined with these unique estuarine and near shore habitats, create an area that is trully extraordinary. This is a tour you dont want to miss.

Aquadawg’s Savannah Kayak Tour thrive on the simplicity of self propelled travel on our ocean kayaks watching diverse wildlife paddling tell great stories the area and reflecting on what makes this a perfect day at Aqua Dawg Kayak.

Must be 13 & older to paddle a single kayak.   Ages 4 to 12 years of age can join together to paddle on a tandem kayak, or one child and one adult can paddle together on a tandem kayak.  Max of two person per kayak. You cannot add a third person on a tandem kayak regardless of size.

“Aqua Dawg”  says: “Come Paddle with Me”.

Savannah Ga, Number #1 and best place for kayaking!!!!!  

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